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TT Games and Universal Studios has announced that Jurassic Park: The Game is in the works for PC and it will be arriving in April. To accompany the news was a very fitting and somewhat exhilarating debut trailer featuring everyone’s favorite T-Rex, some scientists talking about embryos and a little dino-on-dino fighting action.

The actual gameplay was kept completely out of the loop, but every time I think of a Jurassic Park game the one from the Sega springs to mind, which was a 2D platform title featuring Sam Neil’s Dr. Grant character. One of the better ones was the side-scrolling, cooperative shooting title for the SNES based very, very loosely on Jurassic Park II: The Lost World.

Anyway, TellTale has a special offer going on right now where you can pre-order the game and save $5 off the original purchase price, bringing the game down to the budget price of $29.99. Gamers interested in this new rendition of the classic blockbuster movie from Spielberg can learn by visiting the Official Jurassic Park Game Website.

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