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Avalanche Studios and Square Enix are continuing to offer updates and upgrades for Just Cause 3, with the latter coming in the form of new DLC. They recently showcased the Sky Fortress update for the game, which is part of the Air, Land & Sea season pass content. The trailer introduces some nifty new gadgets for Rico to exploit while fighting against the Sky Fortress.

PC Gamers points to the new Just Cause 3 trailer from Avalanche Studios that clocks in just barely a minute and half, but it's filled with enough explosions to fill out the entire length of a two and a half hour long Michael Bay film. Check it out below.

The trailer reveals that the Eden Corporation is out to blow Rico Rodriguez to smithereens using their robotic drones and flying mechs. It's up to Rico to get a hold of the Bavarium technology and upgrade his gear to utilize the rare metal to create a jetpack wingsuit variant that allows him to perform mid-air barrel rolls and dodge incoming fire like some kind of aerial ballerina.

In addition to having access to a Bavarium wingsuit with a jetpack attached, Avalanche has also added an auto-targeting system with rocket propelled grenades attached so Rico can lock onto and fire rockets at targets at a distance using his wingsuit. He's basically like the Falcon from the Captain America films.

In addition to the wingsuit upgrades and the mechs invading the skies, Rico also has access to the new Bavarium assault rifle. We don't really get to see what makes this particular rifle different from the other rifles in Just Cause 3 but we can assume that it's likely very dangerous and extremely devastating.

The Sky Fortress DLC will be available this March for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC for $11.99. Alternatively you can get it as part of the season pass and not have to pay extra for the DLC if you buy it separately. In addition to revealing the new Sky Fortress from the Eden Corporation, Avalanche Studios also revealed the next piece of Just Cause 3 DLC in the Air, Land & Sea pack. The follow-up will be the land portion of the content, which will focus on ground-based mechs that will likely give Rico really tough time. The land content is being called Land Mech Assault, not unlike the name of the game on the OG Xbox that helped make Xbox Live a big deal back in the day.

One of the things they revealed about the next bit of Just Cause 3 DLC is that the Land Mech Assault mission will come with an all new anti-gravity gun to help fight the mechs. I'm not sure how that's going to work or what sort of effect that's going to have on the other enemies in the game but I'm definitely interested in seeing what they come up with.

The rest of the Air, Land & Sea content is expected to be made available before the summer of 2016 wraps up so we'll likely get some more details on the sea portion of the DLC sometime this spring.