Suda 51 and the rest of the folks at Grasshopper Manufacturer are hard at work finishing up the their latest game, Killer is Dead. It's another one of those bizarre alternate reality type games that basks in the dark glory of blood, violence, sex and gore. Killer Is Dead is certainly looking like the potential sleeper hit of the summer.

The game sees players taking on the role of a mysterious killer to kill killers. Armed with a trusty sword and a bionic arm, players will basically have to take down wacky, out-of-this-world bosses that would give some of those space-age baddies from No More Heroes a will run for their money in the art and design department.

One of the real highlights for Killer is Dead is that there is such hard focus on a very smooth and combo-translucent combat mechanic so that it's possible to seamlessly transition from slicing, dicing and cutting to dodging, rolling and blocking. It's quite impressive.

In addition to unleashing an English version of the original Japanese debut trailer, XSEED Games has also announced that the official community Facebook page for Killer is Dead has launched, which you can check out right now as you wait for the game to launch this summer for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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