Suda 51’s latest off-the-wall action game, Killer is Dead will finally make its way to PC on May 9. Deep Silver today announced that the PC port will be a special “Nightmare Edition” of the game, offering additional content and available at retail and digitally for $19.99.

Killer is Dead is an odd beast of a game. The player takes on the role of Mondo Zappa, an Executioner for hire who spends his days going from continent to continent disposing of the most evil criminals the world has ever known, and his evenings seducing women and showering them with expensive gifts. Yeah, he leads a pretty busy life.

In our review of Killer is Dead, I praised the game for its varied and hectic action, crazy story and cast of oddball characters. While I wasn’t a fan of the Gigolo Missions, it’s nice that you can actually proceed through the game while almost completely ignoring this “dating sim” mode, which boils down to little more than ogling your dates’ naughty bits when they aren’t looking and then offering them gifts to win over their affection.

While not the meatiest offering, Killer is Dead offers up a nice collection of weapons to tear enemies to bits with, gorgeous cell-shaded graphics and enough WTF moments to make a playthrough well worth your time. And there’s style to spare here, with Suda 51’s signature design dripping from every surface.

Released for consoles last year, Killer is Dead is finally making the jump to PC in early May for 20 bucks. This special Nightmare Edition of the game comes with a bunch of extra DLC, too, including the new Nightmare difficulty mode. In this special mode, enemies can only be defeated with very specific attacks, meaning you’ll have to employ far more strategy than in the original game. The PC version of the game also includes the Smooth Operator Pack for some additional content, as well as a Theater Mode that lets you re-watch cutscenes and enjoy some additional background info concerning the insane cast of characters.

“Completely unique visuals and outstanding stylish action come together to deliver an unprecedented gaming experience in Killer is Dead,” reads a statement from Deep Silver.

Like most of Grasshopper Manufacture’s games, Killer is Dead is one of those unique games that doesn’t lend itself well to proper explanation. It’s a pretty basic, comb-focused action game at its core, but the street-rat-insane characters and story are what make the experience truly memorable. If you missed out on it for consoles, or perhaps prefer to play on your gaming rig, look for it on PC come May 9.

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