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If you didn't think that the previous seasons of Killer Instinct were worth the price of entry, you might find yourself teetering on edge of purchasing all of the Season 3 content. As long as you happen to be a Battletoads fan, a Halo fan, or an admirer of Kim Wu and Tusk, this season is the one for you. All of those characters will be launching on March 29th for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Shacknews did a breakdown of the pricing, which sees the basic Season 3 content roll out on March 29th for $19.99. That will net you the Arbiter from Halo 5: Guardians, the Sanghelli homeworld stage with a big battle taking place in the “Arena of Judgment”, Tusk from the older Killer Instinct titles complete with his giant sword and devastating combos, Kim Wu from the older Killer Instinct games, and Rare's own Rash from the iconic Battletoads series. There are also two additional stages but they haven't revealed what those are just yet.

The Season 3 content will sport a total of eight fighters, but the early part of the season will only launch with the four mentioned above: two guest fighters and two classic Killer Instinct fighters.

Microsoft appears to be borrowing heavily from the playbook of NetherRealm Studios, where using the power of licensing to expand the appeal of their brand has become a top priority. Adding Rash and the Arbiter certainly isn't a bad way to go given that; a lot of Halo fans will definitely pick up Season 3 to play as one of the consistent heroes in the Halo universe. Additionally, old-school arcade and console gamers from the 16-bit era will most certainly find themselves attracted to the big boots and spiked knees of Rash from the Battletoads.

For people who have never purchased any of the previous Killer Instinct seasons but would like to get their hands on all of the content, Microsoft has made it possible for gamers to pay a flat upfront fee of $59.99 for the Killer Instinct Complete Collection, which comes with all the characters from each of the three seasons, all of the costumes, all of the stages, and all of the unlocked accessories.

There's a middle-of-the-road bundle for $29.99 that comes with the Season 3 characters and all of the costumes, which is sort of like a pack for those who aren't entirely sure that Killer Instinct is worth $60 but definitely want to get more out of it than just the basic four starting characters for Season 3.

Microsoft has been putting in a lot of effort and time into trying to make the game more FGC-friendly, and they've managed to do so with pretty good results. The game has a stable and growing fighting game community that is fostering its expansion throughout the gaming community as a whole.

With the inclusion of some guest characters like the Arbiter from Halo and Rash from Battletoads, Microsoft has an opportunity to expand their reach and lure in some additional fans at the end of the month when the third season goes live. Once again, Killer Instinct: Season 3 will be available exclusively on the Xbox One and on Windows 10 starting March 29th.