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The July issue of GamePro has arrived a bit earlier than expected. The issue brings the first information on PS3 exclusive shooter Killzone 3.

The following tidbits of information were revealed by the mag:
  • The game is playable full 3D
  • You'll get to fight Jetpack Troopers, which previously appeared in Killzone: Liberation on the PSP.
  • The player will be able to use a jetpack. In addition to giving you extra mobility, it also has a mounted machinegun.
  • It will feature snow environments, as seen in the screenshots released by PlayStation.Blog.
  • One new weapon is called the Wasp. It's a rocket launcher that can fire multiple rounds at once.
  • Uncharted 2 developer Naughty Dog is said to have helped Guerrilla Games develop the graphics engine for the game.
E3 is a few weeks away. I imagine a lot more information and footage of the game will be revealed there.

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