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Killzone: Mercenary will be arriving arriving earlier than expected. Sony has moved up the release date for the PS Vita exclusive from September 17th to September 10th.

In KZ: Mercenary, players act as soldiers of fortune. They accept contracts from both the ISA and Helghast. It's up to them to decide their loadout and their approach for each mission. By completing these contracts, players can earn money for new equipment.

Mercenary is powered by the same engine as Killzone 3. The gameplay footage released thus far certainly looks like it's console-quality. It should even play like a PS3 game, thanks to the Vita's dual-analog sticks.

The change in release date is probably a smart one. September 17th is the launch date for Grand Theft Auto V. Although it's coming out on consoles rather than the Vita, GTA V is a big enough release that it will crowd out press coverage for a lot of other "core" games. Furthermore, the Vita is targeted toward shooter fans that more than likely own a console and may plan to buy GTA V.

Sony took the time to announce pre-order bonuses for Killzone: Mercenary today as well. All pre-order customers will receive a double XP boost for 48 hours, along with bonus Vektan Cash for in-game purchases. Reserving the game through GameStop in the United States will also unlock the M224-A1 Light Machine Gun for both single-player and multiplayer.

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