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Killzone: Shadow Fall Sells A Million Copies; Dead Rising 3 Sells 600,000

The console wars are starting to get to the good bits in the early parts of the battle encounters. We're now able to start comparing sales data between hardware and software. The great part about it is that not only do we have confirmation of the PS4 outselling the Xbox One, but the game sales also reflect this axiom as well.

According to Insiderp (and I've never heard of them before) they're reporting that the NPD Group, GFK and independent retail market tracks have issued final numbers for the previous month's sales of Killzone: Shadow Fall and declared the game's SKU install base at a breezy one-million. Guerrilla Games and Sony should feel proud.

In this way – if you look at the total recorded sales of the PlayStation 4, which rests at over 2 million – the retail attachment rate percentage for the PS4, going by Killzone alone, would be 23% not counting bundles. That's actually extremely impressive.

As noted on Insiderp...

We can confirm that around 27% of the sales were from bundles . The game reached the coveted mark after PS4's debut in Korea on December 17th, 2013 .

Microsoft wasn't completely left out of the sales war, though. You can't have a console war with just one person on the battlefield.

According to Spawnfirst, another up-and-coming website that seems to be kicking butt and taking names as part of the anti-Doritocracy regime alongside Furious Fanboys, they're reporting alongside Insiderp and that Dead Rising 3 has managed to move 600,000 SKUs since its debut with the Xbox One back in November.

Now, one could argue that the sales data is slightly skewed given that the PS4 and Killzone launched a week earlier than Dead Rising 3, but one week of sales data would mean that Dead Rising 3 would have to make up the difference by 400,000 copies in one week. I tend to doubt that the game would move that many copies with an extra week of captured sales data.

Nevertheless, Dead Rising 3 does fit the current sales trends between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, as more gamers seem to be wanting and waiting for the PS4, which has consistently been sold out since its launch in mid-November.

This information was further reverberated in the actual sales data of the PlayStation 4 on the marketplace, as members of NeoGaf managed to chart out the sales movement of the PS4 and Xbox One using some nifty measuring methods that Sherlock Holmes would have scoffed at in amazement, and a bit of jealousy. Although, I would suggest taking the info with a slight grain of salt, even though NeoGaf is the holy grail of video game forum boards.

The ordinal sales data shows Amazon's stock of the PS4 dwindling quickly over the period of two hours, with the standard PS4 selling out within the span of half an hour, where-as the bundle packs took slightly longer to sell out.

Notice that the green line, labeled by NeoGaf as the “Xbone”, is still there, with a little less than 230 units still available in stock within the ordinal scale of tracking the sales data across a two hour period. This is something that marketing analysts had estimated before both consoles released after measuring pre-order data and consumer marketing trends.

If this trend keeps up then the PS4 outselling the Xbox One three-to-one won't just be a potential marketing statistic, it'll become reality.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.