PS4 Sold Out Through Christmas; Videos Show Customers Going Crazy Over PS4 Launch

After launching two weeks ago in North America, the PlayStation 4 launched today over in Europe. The fourth generation game console from Sony is now available in PAL territories, and has already managed to sell out. Not only did the console sell out but every customer going into stores to pick up the console acted as if it were the last unit on the planet.

The video above comes courtesy of Gearnuke, which features the stores opening for the midnight launch of the PlayStation 4 in France. If you think that's just some isolated case where everyone was trying to grab their unit before Christmas, think again. Check out the other video below and be glad that you already have your PS4 (assuming you have one).

Holy snaps!

The first 10 seconds of that video looked like 28 Days Later.

And people said gamers were all fat, lazy, Dorito-eating, Mountain Dew-drinking arm-chair warriors... well, the ones who ordered their new-gen consoles from Amazon and eBay probably fit the bill, but everyone above in those videos looked like they were as fit as a race horse and had been training with Billy Blanks' Tae Bo sessions. Did you see they way they blasted through those doors and trampled their way toward the PS4 like priests rushing to the chapel for altar boy choir night?

Now if you're thinking that the French in the video above are running fast and moving furious is because they're used to running from a fight after losing just as many wars as Republicans lost house seats in the last election, think again.

Germany may have a history of being racially intolerant, but they were moving like Kenyans in the outback when the shop doors opened and they had a chance to get their hands on a PlayStation 4. Check out the video below.

While it might seem like a crazy way to behave over a $400 game console, keep in mind that this is one of the most sought after items for the holiday season.

The PS4 has been so desired that, despite Sony's CEO Andrew House telling Game Informer recently that the PS4 supply was looking good through Black Friday, apparently that's all the stock was looking good for.

As noted on BBC News, the site reports...

“Anyone ordering after 14 November will have to wait until after Christmas for delivery, the company said.”

Well, I guess now you can understand why a Danny Boyle-style movie transpired in those videos above. The next time a low-end director needs a cheap way to record a zombie horde, they at least know where to capture some stock footage.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.