One of the first games announced for the PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall takes the series in a new direction, putting the player on the defensive as an invading army terrorizes a once-peaceful futuristic cityscape. It’s reminiscent of the series’ roots on the PlayStation 2, putting the player smack-dab in the middle of the civilization they’re fighting for. With the games launch expected to coincide with the PS4, the makers of the game are dishing some new details in a new developer diary.

Featuring loads of footage from the game, most of which you’ve probably seen in the early trailers/gameplay demonstrations, this recent developer diary also gives the folks behind Killzone, Guerilla Games, a chance to share a little insight into what players can expect from Shadow Fall. The short answer: Lots of glowing red eyes and lots of bullets to shoot in their general direction.

The developer diary posted this morning on the PlayStation Blog, along with a few comments from Director Ter Heide, who said that being a launch title for Sony’s new system is both “exciting” and “daunting.”

“Since the game’s announcement earlier this year at the PlayStation Meeting 2013, we have been hard at work on Killzone: Shadow Fall,” Heide said. “The demonstration focused on setting up the new conflict between the two warring factions that now occupy the same world. We are very much looking forward to sharing more of the exciting new gameplay opportunities soon.”

Thanks for the tease, Heide. We’ll just be sitting here, waiting. *Stares blankly at monitor*

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