The upcoming Square-Enix RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, Kingdom Hearts: 3D - Dream Drop Distance will feature all the fan-favorite voices from well-known Hollywood celebrities, including the irreplaceable Leonard Nimoy, Haley Joel Osment and up-and-comer Hayden Panetierre.

The game itself features many of the key locations and gameplay mechanics that the series has become famous for, including active combat, colorful worlds and unique characters to flesh out the gameplay experience, and that's not to mention the inter-mixing of Disney and Square-Enix icons. As stated in the press release...
In preparation for an impending threat, Sora and Riku enter the Sleeping Worlds to complete the Mark of Mastery exam. They will encounter new enemies and make new friends in worlds they have never set foot in, and if successful in their quest, they will become true Keyblade Masters.

Due out on July 31st exclusively for the 3DS, Haley Joel Osment leads an all-star cast as the titular character Sora. Leonard Nimoy will return as the arch-villain of the series, Xehanort. TV star David Gallagher will voice Riku. Hayden Panetierre will voice Organization XIII member Xion, with singer Jesse McCartney taking on the roles of Roxas and Ventus, and Quinton Flynn voicing Axel and Lea from Organization XIII.

One of the highlights is that in addition to visiting well-known Disney lands and worlds, Sora and Riku also venture to newly established (or re-established) universes such as Tron, meeting up with farther and son Flynn and Quorra from the Grid.

You can learn more about the game and check out a lengthy overview trailer by paying a visit to the Official Website. As mentioned, the game is set for release at the end of July.

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