It’s a Konami celebration over on the Xbox 360 as the publisher announces a big sale on nearly a dozen of its Games on Demand titles between now and Aug. 26.

As we move closer and closer to a new console generation, now might be the best time to catch up on some games you missed out on over the past decade. Konami Digital Entertainment today announced that quite a few of its titles will be offered on the cheap through Xbox Live with discounts available on 11 games through the next week.

Marked down by up to 50 percent, we’re talking about games from the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchises, as well as one-offs like Neverdead and SAW. Genres include sports, shooters, action and, um, lots more shooting.

First up is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid 2&3, both marked down from their original $14.99 price point to just $9.99. If you’re a fan of Director Hideo Kojima’s work, then you might also want to check out the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, combining both of the PS2 Zone of the Enders games into a single, high definition pacage for just $14.99 (Originally $29.99).

If crowbars, fog-covered streets, shifting realities and monstrosities pulled from your very psyche are more your speed, then a handful of discounted Silent Hill games might be able to draw your interest. Silent Hills: Homecoming, the first SH game of the current generation and featuring a soldier’s attempted return to normal life, has been marked down from $19.99 to just $9.99 while the more recent Silent Hill: Downpour, featuring a prison inmate who becomes trapped in the titular burg when a transport bus crashes, receives the same price change. Silent Hill HD Collection, combining second and third installments in the beloved survival horror series, will shift from $29.99 to just $14.99 during the promotion.

Otomedius Excellent is also receiving a 50 percent discount for the next week, moving from $19.99 to $9.99 while the horror puzzle game, SAW drops to the same price. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live through one of the SAW films, then the game does a pretty decent job of capturing that gritty, super-violent feel. You’ll have to stretch your brain to figure out various puzzles and traps through a house rigged with dozens of maniacal devices, all at the risk of having one of said devices shoot a spike through said brain. Tetris this is not.

Neverdead is another action title being marked down to $9.99 through the Konami sale, featuring a wise-cracking undead hero who can utilize his severed limbs to get the drop on hordes of enemies. Think Katamari meets Devil May Cry and you’ve got the basic idea.

Finally, there’s lady wrestling game Rumble Roses XX up for grabs, moved down from $14.99 to $9.99 for the next week.

Check that hard drive space, double check that bank account, then get to downloading a bunch of games. That should keep you plenty busy until the new consoles arrive this winter.

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