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This is the kind of news that gives fans a well deserved nerdgasm. It has been confirmed that for the final episode of the Back to the Future: The Game Michael J. Fox will be lending his vocal talents in a surprising way for two feature characters in the game.

Other than knowing that Michael J. will be voicing two characters in the game it’s not revealed who the special guest star will be voicing specifically. Apparently fans will just have to play the game to find out. The only thing the press release reveals is that it will “Thrill” fans.

TellTale’s episodic retelling of the classic movie franchise concludes in a big way as Marty McFly (voiced by AJ LoCascio) must restore a really wacky 1986 that became distorted due to his time-jumping misfortunes. Players will control Marty as he solves puzzles, battles villains and tries desperately to get back to the future…or uh, the past if you’re thinking about it from the player perspective.

Anyway, some new images of the final episode were released and you can check them out below. If you’re fan of the popular movie series and you want to rekindle a little bit of nostalgia by seeing (or more accurately, hearing) what kind of role the great Michael J. Fox plays in the final episode of the game but you haven’t been keeping up with the series, then can download previous episodes of Back to the Future: The Game from the Official TellTale Website.