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Latest Project CARS Video Blurs The Line Between Real Life And Gaming

Good goodness, can this game get anymore orgasmic? Oh wait, it can... if you add in an Oculus Rift! Anyway, for now we'll have to settle for shoddy YouTube conversions that – despite their horrible frame rate limitations and quality degradation – still can't keep a good, near-photorealistic looking game down.

DSO Gaming spotted the new video from YouTube user AdrianF1esp. They note how certain “filters” have been applied, mostly from within the game and a few from a video editor (mostly for the lens effect).

It's all still Project CARS, and it's still an amazing showcase of Slightly Mad Studios' high quality simulation racer. In fact, here's another video where the settings aren't quite as high and there are no filters, so you get a clean look at how the game is played from the actual helmet cam.

While the rain effects aren't in play and the graphics aren't completely maxed, you can still see that it's very much the same game. And dear goodness are those sound effects amazing or what?

Project CARS has been a passion project by both Slightly Mad Studios and hardcore PC gamers. Yes, this was a crowd-funded project that's also being helped along in development by core gamers, as they work on liveries, promotional videos and even release community screenshots. In other words, all the media promotion for Project CARS has been done by gamers for gamers. That basically explains why most of the assets and trailers usually get racing aficionados all pumped up because it's from people who know what other racing fans want to see.

Project CARS is still heavy under development and both videos above are from the pre-alpha builds. Car damage, physics, tweaks to the handling and graphics are still happening as the game heads toward its Q1 2014 release date.

This next-gen title will surprisingly be available on current gen consoles, with the only next-gen release being on the Wii U. You can learn more about Project CARS or help participate in the development by paying a visit to the game's official website. And here's one more trailer just for good measure...and watch your volume because holy crap does that BMW sound godly.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.