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Raptr released their list of games played throughout the month of July for Xbox 360 and PC and many of the entries are games you would expect to see in the top 20 monthly list from Raptr. Sadly, Undead Labs' Sate of Decay – despite launching strong and having some good momentum with its initial appearance on the market, bowed out early from the top 20 list.

Given that Sony doesn't allow the numbers for the PS3 to be released, Raptr's player playtime survey only includes studies measuring games on both the PC and the Xbox 360.

Now the expected champion of the list is, of course, League of Legends at 8.25% of the playtime market share, and it's followed closely by the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty Black Ops II with 7.07% of the market.

Surprisingly, Rift: Planes of Telera was back up in the top 10, ranking third and gathering 4.76% of playtime market share. New contender and recently out of beta, Valve's Defense of the Ancients 2 came storming on to the scene with 4.45% of the player market. That's very impressive.

The July report from Raptr makes some interesting, notes, however, extending beyond the e-peen top 20 lists and covering some fascinating highlights, such as the Steam sale lessening some play time for bigger games as gamers experimented with new titles they bought during the summer sale. In fact, Skyrim -- which was recently voted as the best game of the generation -- saw a boost of playtime being up over 40% throughout July compared to the numbers in June, thanks to huge sales during the Steam Summer Sale.

The one game that actually took everyone by surprise, however, was Garry's Mod... yes, Garry's Mod. According to Raptr's report...
A major update to eight-year-old Source-engine sandbox Garry’s Mod added Steam Pipe functionality in mid June, breaking a lot of old mods but streamlining things in general. That and some deep Steam sale discounts boosted playtime 55% month-on-month.

Yeah, I can certainly attest to a bunch of mods being broken thanks to the switch over to Steam Pipe, but I can also attest to Garry's Mod probably being more stable and mod-friendly in its current iteration than any previous version of the software (that's not to mention a very cleaned up LUA allocation table so mods load and work so much more efficiently).

Killing Floor also rose 51 points on the chart and managed the 19th position on the PC's top 20 chart, mostly thanks to new DLC and a huge Steam discount during the Summer Sale that resulted in a boost in playtime by more than 347%. If this were the stock market there would be a ton of rich Killing Floor players right now.

Finally, Terraria also saw a bump in playtime thanks, as well, to the Steam Summer Sale. A 63% increase in playtime was recorded.

As for the Xbox 360... thanks to the new Games with Gold program, Assassin's Creed II moved up 100 points to the 8th spot on the 360's chart since it was given away for free. The 24-hour sale for Forza Horizon also boosted playtime 46% over its previous month in June, and unfortunately State of Decay's staying power doesn't seem as heavy as DayZ, as it not only dropped out of the system war chart, but it also dropped out of the top 20 chart exclusively for the Xbox 360.

You can check out the full chart and the detailed report to see where your favorite games rank by visiting the official Raptr website.
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