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Turtle Rock Studios, the original developers of Left 4 Dead, have another co-op shooter up their sleeves. Evolve will be launching this fall on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

In Left 4 Dead, four players fought off a zombie horde. Evolve thankfully won't recycle this formula. The four players are instead hunting down a dangerous alien before it becomes too powerful. Each character has their own distinct equipment and abilities, so you're not just choosing an appearance at the character selection screen.

The alien is controlled by a fifth player. This creature has several abilities to even the fight, and he'll only grow in strength and size as the match proceeds. The first art from the game shows the alien carrying a hunter with one hand. I guess this'll be the closest we'll ever get to a Giants: Citizen Kabuto sequel.

Turtle Rock first announced their next-gen game in 2011. The initial publisher for Evolve was THQ. After THQ went bankrupt, 2K Games scooped up the rights to the game in an auction. They paid $10.8 million for the privilege - a sign that they've got some faith in this game.

Game Informer has the first exclusive preview of Evolve in their February 2014 issue. Their 12-page article includes the first screenshots and hands-on details. They'll also give everyone the run-down on the game's characters and equipment. Other games on display in the magazine include Tom Clancy's The Division and No Man's Sky. The issue will be available later today on PC, Mac and mobile devices to digital subscribers. Print copies will arrive in subscribers' mailboxes in the next few days. GI will supplement the issue with other reveals through their website. A trailer for their upcoming coverage is below.

It's going to be very tough for Turtle Rock to top Left 4 Dead. I'm really happy that they've decided to stick with co-op shooters though because they clearly know what they're doing in that genre. What do you all think? Will Evolve make you forget about Left 4 Dead 3?

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