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A lot of questions have been raised over Nintendo's decision to only showcase one game at this year's E3: The Legend of Zelda. One of those questions can now be put to rest, because gamers who are curious to how much of the game will be on display will be surprised to know that the demos will run for an hour and a half.

Nintendo has confirmed to gaming outlet Nintendo Everything (via IGN) that the demo will indeed be lengthy, and what's more is that there will be two demos.

They don't really break down the specifics of the difference between the two demos, but we did find out that media and press who will be in attendance at E3 this year are being asked to set aside an hour and a half to play through The Legend of Zelda demo for the Wii U.

That's a pretty lengthy demo.

According to IGN, the open-world design will see players exploring grasslands, forests and mountains. They don't exactly say what players will be doing in those areas, simply that they will be exploring them.

In previous videos Nintendo revealed that there are monsters to battle, items to recover, and horses to ride. We previously managed to see Link battling on horseback with both a sword and a bow. The bow has been refined from the previous outings of The Legend of Zelda, where players can now pull off precision shots and use the slow-motion feature to dismount from the horse while shooting enemies. This is oftentimes demonstrated in the one shot we see of Link floating through the air while dismounting from Epona, firing a bow at a boss in the forest.

We haven't seen much in the way of combat beyond the glimpses that designer Eiji Aonuma has let loose for The Legend of Zelda. But we can likely expect to see a lot more depth in the game's battle systems as they set to reveal it in such a grand fashion at this year's E3 event.

What's more is that Nintendo will be inviting 500 gamers to play-test the Legend of Zelda demo in New York just a little before E3 gets underway. IGN notes that the details on whether or not the demo is the same in New York as it is at E3 hasn't been revealed, but it's likely that the demos will be the same. I doubt Nintendo would want to spend extraneous amounts of money building two completely separate demos, one for the general public and one for the E3 crowd.

And even though a lot of fans may be disappointed in not being able to attend in person to play The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo will be hosting live-streams for the game throughout the day courtesy of the Nintendo Treehouse, so even those who won't be able to attend E3 in person or visit the New York store to play the demo of the highly anticipated game, they'll still be able to watch from the comfort of home.

There's no set release date but The Legend of Zelda is expected to launch in 2017 for both the Wii U and the Nintendo NX.

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