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The latest crop of Club Nintendo reward games have been released, adding two new 3DS games and two new Wii games to the mix, including the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System classic, The Legend of Zelda, for gamers on the go.

For those unfamiliar with the program, Club Nintendo is basically a rewards system for purchasing and providing feedback on Nintendo products. After you register, gamers can enter registration codes for their consoles and games in order to earn reward points. You can also take a purchase survey to earn additional points, as well as a post-play survey after you’ve had time to dig into the game a bit. There are also pre-purchase surveys, which award additional points after you buy an upcoming game.

These points accumulate throughout the year and, depending on how many points you get, buyers are eligible to claim a handful of prizes as their yearly reward. You can earn prizes throughout the year, too, including random Nintendo swag and digital downloads of games. Two portable and two home console games are rotated in on a monthly basis, and now the offerings for October have gone live.

This months’ games include a legendary hero and the starting point for the most revered kart racing game of all time. All games are available through Nov. 3, so you have a bit of time to decide which titles deserve your hard-earned points.

First up is The Legend of Zelda for the NES, now available on the 3DS for 150 Nintendo Points. This is where it all begins, folks. Link is informed that it's “dangerous to go alone” and, from there, we've been tagging along on his adventures for, oh, 20 years or so. Given the fact that Wind Waker HD just shipped on the Wii U and Link Between Worlds is due on the 3DS next month, it makes perfect sense that Nintendo would take the series back to its roots with one of this month's Club Nintendo offerings.

If, however, you prefer single player card games, then boy-howdy does Club Nintendo have the game for you. Touch Solitaire is a solid, no frills version of the classic card game, perfect for those who would rather stack cards than battle monsters or save a princess. Touch Solitaire can be yours for 100 Points.

Over to the Wii offerings and your first option is the ever-popular multiplayer racing game, Mario Kart. See where the rubber first met the road in this revolutionary entry in the SNES library, completely changing the history of racing games and launching the most successful kart extravaganza to ever hit a gaming machine. Mario Kart will set you back 150 Points.

Finally for the Wii is Thruspace, the only game in this lineup I haven't played for countless hours. If you're into 3D puzzle games, this one might be worth checking out for 150 Points.

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