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Leipzig GC 08: Red Alert 3 Cast Revealed

Command & Conquer 3 had a pretty random cast of actors - the bad guy from Total Recall, Lando Calrissian, the female doctor from House, etc. - but it's been put to shame by the wacky roster put together for Red Alert 3. As usual, it's a collection of extremely hot girls and vaguely familiar men.

EA revealed the cast in a trailer at Leipzig, which you can see below. Among the actors playing Soviets are Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Peter Stormare (Uli from Big Lebowski). For the Allies, Jenny McCarthy (uh, Singled Out? Screw it, you know who she is) will be playing the perennial hot commando Tanya and British pin-up Gemma Atkinson will play an intelligence officer. The President will be played by Howard Ackerman (the dad from Juno). Finally, for the new Empire of the Rising Sun faction, you've got George Takei (Mr. Fucking Sulu) as Emperor and Kelly Hu (Scorpion King, X-2) as a military officer.

To be clear, I'm not saying any of these people are necessarily bad actors. I'm just saying that if I was handed a list of these names, I would have no earthly idea what movie you could make that includes all of them. I suppose the cast fits an alternate history story where crazed Soviets and Japanese are storming the globe and the world's armies are staffed with ludicrously hot women - it might be the only story it fits for.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.