It's been a while since I've seen a new fishing game hit the market, but that's all about to change once ASCII Media Works' anime-infused Let's Fish! Hooked On arrives on the PlayStation Vita, bringing arcade action to the angling genre on the go.

Let's Fish! Hooked On actually released in Japan around the time on the Vita's launch. Coming from the folks responsible for Sega Bass Fishing, the pedigree behind this cartoony fishing title is pretty dang strong. Not to go completely off topic, but the upcoming U.S. release of Let's Fish! is exactly why I love modern consoles' virtual marketplaces. This is a game that likely would have never seen the light of day on U.S. shores if it had to be published in a physical format. With less cost and risk involved with publishing a virtual title, we're getting to see more and more niche games we may have otherwise missed out on.

And you can't get much more niche than fishing. The genre saw something of a boom back at the turn of the century, but nowadays we're lucky if we see one or two fishing games in a console generation. Which is another reason why I'm pretty stoked to try out Let's Fish!. I love fishing games and, if they nailed down a decent formula, it'll be fun to get *ahem* hooked once again.

While a price point and release date haven't been released yet, Developer Wired Productions have launched a new trailer showing off many of the game's features on the PlayStation Blog. Along with four characters to choose from, Let's Fish! offers four game modes (including a story mode), 11 locations to explore, more than 200 lures and nine species of fish to catch.

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