Did you not like all the talk about boob jiggling and Lightning? Well, it's understandable. Certain kinds of bodily physics can be quite disturbing for some... offensive to others. To rectify the childish image they put out of themselves over the breasts of Lightning, Square Enix has released some new videos showing the titular hero covered from neck to toe and nothing showing (or jiggling) in between.

Dualshockers managed to grab a collection of videos of Lightning in her new samurai armor and if I must say so myself, it looks good... real good. Check out another video below.

Dualshockers notes, however, that all these fancy costumes you're looking at are not part of the original game. Oh, you thought they were showing you stuff you could unlock and play with just by purchasing the game? Oh silly, that's not how mainstream gaming works anymore.

According to the article, all the costumes featured in these cool and enticingly thumb-watering trailers are only for those willing to either pre-order the game or purchase the goods from the cash shop... even though the game isn't out yet.

Presumably, all these extra costumes will be made available to Western audiences as well, given how big a business the microtransaction market has become. And besides, the best way to get people to spend money on extra goods already in the game is either to sell extra sexy clothing or extra badass clothing... welcome to the latter.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII isn't set to release until November in Japan and it's due out in mid-February for every other territory in 2014. You have got to love the idea of promoting DLC for a game nearly six months out from release, it really adds some flavor to the expectations and prestige of a title, you know?

Nevertheless, Lightning Returns is aimed at being the “good” Final Fantasy out of the XIII trilogy. Square is trying desperately to win back their fans with a heroine that they're trying to get people very hard to love and a story they really want people to care about. Whether or not they accomplish that with Lightning Returns remains to be seen, but who really cares when the protagonist is looking like a sexy beast in some kick-butt samurai armor?

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