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D-Link and Qualcomm have come together to announce the new D-Link Gaming Router with Qualcomm's Streamboost (DGL-5500) technology. The router is designed for gamers who cannot afford to lose a second to buffering or low latency cut-ins during intense MMO raids or those oh-so-important Counter-Strike tournaments.

Daniel Kelley, vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. commented about the new gaming router, which we don't get very often, saying...
“Today’s action role-playing games and MMOs are more competitive than ever and with limited bandwidth coming into the home, gamers need to ensure they’re making the most of their connectivity to maintain an advantage. With Qualcomm StreamBoost technology, the new Gaming Router is designed to do just that – shape the network traffic to help gamers do more and lag less.”

So what's the highlight of the technology? What does the D-Link Gaming Router do that other routers don't? Well, it's prioritized to make the most use of your latency so that whether you're a Let's Player high into the whole live-stream culture of video capture and sharing your content with countless viewers, or if you're a hardcore competitive multiplayer practitioner and you're looking for some stable, high-latency options for tournament exploits, the D-Link is designed for exactly that.

A couple of things worth taking away from the news: The D-Link sports tech based on Qualcomm's VIVE 802.11ac technology with AC 1300 wireless performance of up to 1300Mbps (867AC+450N). Much like other Qualcomm-based networking gear out there, gamers will have out-of-the-box tools and software available to setup, modify and direct how traffic is distributed for various tasks, including VOIP, video streaming, music streaming, e-mail, games, video conferencing and basic downloading and uploading.

The router is designed to make the most use of your ISP speeds and even has firmware updates available via the Cloud (I'm starting to feel like this is turning into a marketing buzzword and can't wait for the bubble to pop) as well as enabling 4 Gigabit LAN Ports, so for those of you hosting LAN parties and classic tournaments...you'lll get a real kick out this thing.

Pre-orders are currently available for the D-Link Gaming Router and they start at $199.99 at NewEgg. Youch. I imagine this is a high-end gaming device for people who already pay out the anus for some incalculably good data rates from their ISP, but if you need a high-end router this seems to be it. The D-Link Gaming Router won't be available until August 1st two months from now.

You can learn more about the new device by paying a visit to the official website. I imagine a lot of people already struggling with poor data rates and low data caps might want to steer clear, but if you're already dead-set on getting an Xbox One with its 1.5mb/s broadband requirement, then this could be a nice accoutrement.
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