In case you're curious what the focus of the big Xbox reveal will be in a few weeks, chances are pretty good that a sizable chunk of the show will be dedicated to streaming services. The Xbox 360 has seen a fair amount of new entertainment apps pop up over the past year and, today, Machinima, Revolver Golden God Awards and more are gearing up to join the roster.

Okay, Xbox, we get it. You really, really like apps. Hot on the heels of the recently added CW app, one for Flixter and another for CNET, it was announced through the Major Nelson blog today that several additional streaming services including Machinima, the Revolver Golden Gods, OneBeat and the second season of The LeBrons.

The Machinima app, as you might have guessed, will specialize in streaming content typically found on You'll be able to focus in on newer submissions, most popular videos and more, as well as check out exclusive Machinima shows and keep track of your favorite clips.

The Revolve Golden Gods app, on the other hand, is dedicated to the upcoming awards show, which will broadcast live through the app on May 2, honoring rock groups like Metallica, Halestorm, Rob-freaking-Zombie and the like. You'll be able to peruse the nominees before the show, take part in online polls, read additional info on the recipients and more.

Changing things up a little bit, the Lebrons Season Two app will be your one-stop shop to check out all of the episodes, as well as additional content, for the upcoming second season of the animated series, The LeBrons.

Finally, there's the OneBeat App, which plans to provide Xbox 360 users with loads of electronic dance music.

Okay, so, we know that the next Xbox will be a media powerhouse. Now all we need to establish is whether or not the thing will actually, you know, play video games.

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