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THQ, WWE and Mad Catz announced today that they have signed a deal that will see WWE stars, likeness and names appearing on Mad Catz fightsticks and fightpads. The new devices will be made available to coincide with the release of THQ’s WWE All Stars

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz…
“World Wrestling Entertainment has produced many of the videogame industry’s most enduring and prestigious franchises, and we are thrilled to initiate this relationship with THQ to create a range of Arcade FightSticks and FightPads,”… “We believe the spirit and excitement of WWE is a perfect fit for our range of market-leading fighting game controllers.”

The fightsticks will supposedly work perfectly with THQ’s upcoming next-generation wrestling title that sees WWE legends and superstars competing with “fast paced” and high-octane wrestling moves, high flying tactics and body-breaking suplexes in WWE All Stars the game is scheduled to release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011 and you can expect to see the fightsticks and fightpads to follow suit at retailers.

You can learn more about the new pads for THQ’s WWE All Stars by visiting the Official Mad Catz Website. Need to learn more about WWE All Stars? Be sure to check it out over at THQ’s Official Website.

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