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Usually gamers have to wait a while before being fed the official release date to some annual game titles, but Electronic Arts decided to put off on the anticipatory build-up for the official reveal of the release date of Madden 16. The company simply made a brief announcement on their website that the game is coming at the end of the summer to consoles.

Over on the official EA website the company announced that the newest iteration in the popular, annual sports franchise would be arriving later this summer in the usual August slot. As noted on the website...
We’re sure you’re getting pumped for the NFL Draft, and now there’s one more thing to get excited about: Madden NFL 16 is in development and will launch on August 25, 2015

As we've seen in the very recent past, some release dates don't always hold up, such as Project CARS having a date set and then it was delayed and delayed again. It can be a very frustrating thing for gamers, especially when they begin to get invested very heavily into the title after that release date has been set.

We also saw CD Projekt Red having to push back The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a couple of times after originally setting a release date and then having it moved back a couple of times. This fate also befell the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight, which took a very large leap from the fall of 2014 all the way into the middle of summer for 2015.

Nevertheless, it's highly unlikely that Madden 16 will move out of its scheduled August 25th release date given that EA banks very heavily on the annual Madden outings to puff up their second quarter profits leading into the third quarter holiday rush. And oh boy do they have a big holiday 2015 setup for home consoles and PC. Following on the release of EA's summer sports titles will be the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE.

Of course, most sports fans who came to learn about Madden probably want to know what sort of upgrades this newest game is going to sport coming off Madden 15. Unfortunately, EA notes on the website that those details will come later on in May. I'm sure they'll spend the rest of April soaking in all the media chatter about Battlefront and the highly anticipated in-engine debut trailer for the game.

If you think May will give away all the secrets for Madden 16, you'll likely want to think again. Expect something basic like the cover athlete and maybe some details on the platforms it'll be available for, and then gamers will likely have to wait the next E3 in June for the real juicy details.
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