Have you ever played through something line The Suffering, Condemned or Q.U.B.E. and thought to yourself “Dang, these games need to have sex and make a kid where the genes are one part Portal and one part Cthulhu mythos”? Well, if your mind rummages the gutter as often as you think it does, then you'll definitely like Magrunner.

The game is a cyberpunk, futuristic horror-themed sci-fi puzzle-adventure, first-person platform game. The biggest concern for this game is trying to find a proper genre classification for it.

Crowd-funded by IndieGoGo, 3AM Games' first-person title does a lot of different things in the interactive game space...not just different things, but creatively vibrant things. Mixing puzzle solving and horror-survival together in a sci-fi setting is brilliant and it adds some real fresh air to the stale and torpid action market...and the equally deprived and litheless horror market.

The early goings of the game are all cyber-modernist with lots of cool and colorful vibes that visually seem to represent what dubstep sounds like (making it all too fitting that the music featured in the trailer leans oh-so-close to the thumping tune of electronic dubstep). The latter parts of the game seem to combine elements of Dead Space meets Hard Reset, gripping gamers with a lot of non-linear looking puzzle segments (or at least, we can hope they're non-linear).

Still, I'm completely sold on this game and I'm glad it's making its way to PC, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network soon. You can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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