Man At Arms Replicates Pyramid Head's Notorious Sword And It's Terrifying

If you’re an avid Silent Hill fan, then you’re probably very familiar with Pyramid Head and his symbolic representation of the series. When people hear Pyramid Head, they think of Silent Hill. The two go hand-in-hand. On an episode of Man At Arms, where a group of guys gets together to craft real-life versions of weapons from movies and video games, they challenged themselves with the official sword of Pyramid Head. You can check out the episode below.

As showcased in the episode, Man At Arms got an outpouring of Tweets pleading them to create Pyramid Head’s infamous sword. And with the ending episode of their season, Man At Arms decided to finally answer the fans’ requests.

To go back to the mineshaft feel of Silent Hill and its forever-burning city below ground, they decided to build the sword out of an old piece of railroad track. The amount of heat used to create a gigantic sword out of the small-sized railroad track piece is ridiculous. Just looking at the piece, it’s much smaller than the large sword Pyramid Head carries around, so watching the process to shape it into the sword is quite mesmerizing.

Man At Arms describes some of the issues that occur when creating the long, 6-foot sword, like how the longer it gets, the more it wants to droop out of shape. It’s a two-man job to help keep the metal from drooping and destroying the shape.

In the Silent Hill series, Pyramid Head’s sword is seen as a symbol of fear. While you’re hiding in the dark waiting for the area to be clear and you hear a certain sound, it chills to the bone. When Pyramid Head approaches, he likes to drag his sword on the ground, which creates a very long and cringeworthy scraping sound on the ground. To actually see Man At Arms create an accurate living replica of the sword is impressive. Hundreds of fans have probably done it before, but to this level? Probably not. Even just the sword profile was impressive, before any sort of shaping and grinding of the blade.

The grinding process was maybe my favorite part. Watching a dull piece of metal become a weapon under the teeth of a grinder is a stunning undertaking. Suddenly, it’s no longer a harmless chunk of junk, but the concept of the sword really begins to take shape.

The end result of the sword was extraordinary, and the guys from Man At Arms posted a final image on their Twitter to show it off.

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