No Man's Sky Gets An Astronomical Amount Of New Information

The scope of No Man’s Sky continues to grow, meaning there are lots of new details the team at Hello Games wants to share with folks who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC game. Thankfully, they recently decided to do exactly that.

First revealed just a year ago at E3 2014, No Man’s Sky has captured the imagination of gamers worldwide thanks to its practically unfathomable scope. Now that Hello Games has recovered from yet another successful E3 here in 2015, Alex Wiltshire decided to drop by the PlayStation Blog to unload a whopping 41 details about the game folks might not be aware of yet.

“We’ve been thinking, though, that No Man’s Sky is pretty good at hiding its secrets, and that there are some facts about the game that might not be so obvious — facts that help it all make sense, and come alive,” Wiltshire said.

And it’s a pretty comprehensive list, too, broken into sections that take a closer look at the universe of No Man’s Sky, exploration, the countless planets, creatures, combat and more.

For starters, No Man’s Sky is so big that Hello games have had to create virtual probes to make sure the game is coming along as planned. Everything about the game is driven by what Wiltshire humorously refers to as “maths,” meaning that the worlds, creatures, economy and encounters are driven by logic systems and algorithms that will ensure everything makes sense. These probes, though, are apparently scouring the in-game galaxy and sending back gifs to the development team so they can see what types of worlds are coming together.

Another cool fact is that No Man’s Sky builds its world around each player in a clever way that keeps it ready while in the area, then trashes the info once you’re gone. All of that info is saved, though, so it can be recreated instantly if you decide to return. What that means is that you can play the game offline, too, which I assumed would not be an option for this particular game.

Along with all those planets out in the vastness of space will be a breathing economy and resource system. You’ll be able to craft and buy better gear and ships, with prices varying depending on the area you’re in and the current value of various goods.

Working with one faction might make you an enemy to another, and becoming friendly with certain groups might provide other benefits as you continue to explore. There’s also a law system at play, meaning you’ll become wanted if you kill lifeforms in view of patrolling Sentinels or over-mine a given planet.

And did I mention there will be jetpacks?

Honestly, I’ve only scratched the surface here, so you’ll definitely want to give the full list of 41 facts a proper gander.

One thing is for certain, though. If Hello games can pull this off, then PS4 and PC gamers could be in for a very special treat once No Man’s Sky finally launches. Speaking of which, a proper date was not included in those 41 facts about the game. *sigh*

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.