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One of the more popular games from the Xbox Live Arcade’s line-up has been mysteriously taken down from the line-up games. However, after a little digging it was discovered why Marble Blast Ultra and other games from the Instant Action game company are no longer available on the Xbox Live Arcade.

XBLA Fans contacted the parent company of Instant Action, Garage Games, to find out exactly what was going on and why one of the more popular XBLA titles had been mysteriously delisted from the line-up of games available on XBL. It turns out that Instant Action, after shutting down last year, had sold off rights to many of its licensed property including Marble Blast Ultra. In result, the game had to be pulled from the Live Arcade’s line-up until the licensing issues get all sorted.

For now, it’s not known who bought the rights to Marble Blast Ultra but we’ll keep you posted on when things get resolved and the popular game gets re-listed to the Xbox Live Arcade.