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Today's the North American launch day for Mass Effect 2 and BioWare intended to release a recruitable NPC - Zaeed - as one of the first pieces of downloadable content. Didn't happen according to plan, though.

"Sorry all, we've had some delays with Zaeed. Your cerberus account should still be able to access normandy crash," said BioWare on the ME2 forum. The delay is only for the 360 version so you PC gamers can breathe a sigh of relief.

Like Zaeed, the "Normandy Crash" DLC is free if you purchase a new copy of the game. Inside the box is a voucher for Cerberus Network, the distribution channel for ME2 DLC. If you buy a used copy of the game, you'll have to pay $15 for access to the Network.

Shame that we won't get to recruit Zaeed just yet. Based on what we saw from the trailer yesterday, he's a fun guy to have around.

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