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For the latest trailer previewing Mass Effect 3's campaign, BioWare decided to mix things up. Instead of using a crew cut male version of Shepard, the trailer features a female Shepard with flowing red hair.

BioWare let fans decide the look of the female Shepard used in this trailer and other marketing materials. Players voted on several possible models through Facebook. In the end, redhead Shepard beat out her blonde and brunette counterparts. She'll be featured in the box art of the Collector's Edition of the game.

In Mass Effect 3, the mysterious race known as the Reapers are on the attack. After a long slumber, they've awoken and set their sights on Earth. Commander Shepard must rally allies from across the galaxy to defeat this foe.

ME3 is due on March 6th in North America and on the 9th in Europe. A demo for the game will arrive on February 14th with both single-player and multiplayer components. However, the multiplayer side of the demo won't be available until the 17th unless you own Battlefield 3.

To further celebrate "FemShep Friday," BioWare released three new screenshots featuring the female protagonist. Check them out below.

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