BioWare has issued a new weekend challenge to Mass Effect 3 players. Operation Onslaught will task you with doing something you'd probably do in co-op anyway: shoot people with an assault rifle.

The individual goal for Operation Onslaught is to earn 75,000 points of damage with an assault rifle. You can do this on any map and any difficulty. Your total will carry over between multiple matches if need be. Furthermore, you don't need to survive an entire co-op match to complete the challenge.

In preparation for the event, BioWare released a new balancing patch earlier this week. The changes might prove useful as you work to complete the Operation; they boosted the damage of both the Saber and Valkyrie Assault Rifles. For the full list of changes, read the BioWare forums.

Many ME3 multiplayer weekends also feature a community-wide goal. Unfortunately, Onslaught doesn't have one of those. This event's for you lone wolves who care about your personal score rather than your team's goals - a true rarity in multiplayer shooters.

Operation Onslaught will launch on December 7th on all platforms. It will conclude on the 9th. The reward for completing the challenge is a Commendation Pack filled with random rewards.

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