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Mass Effect Hits PC On May 6. Alien Sideboob Ahoy!

Two weeks after the initial announcement that Fox News' favorite "virtual orgasmic rape" simulator would be coming to PC, we've been given an exact release date. The Mass Effect port will hit stores on May 6th.

That should be plenty of time for PC users to get their systems up to snuff. The 360 version looked ridiculously good but BioWare is promising even spiffier graphics for this new incarnation. As previously reported, the Mass Effect port will also feature a new decryption minigame (to replace the riveting "lol push the button fast!" minigame in the 360 version), hot keys, and better inventory management (so you'll be able to better keep track of how many thousand Incendiary Round packs you have). All kidding aside, PC users, it's an amazing game - I'd honestly rank it among the best of BioWare's RPG's in terms of story and gameplay. The shortcomings were really limited to technical and interface issues, and if they're truly ironed out for this port, you'll be very pleased.

Now that the release date is set, the next thing to speculate on is whether or not the PC version will get the content pack, "Bring Down the Sky," which will be available for download on Xbox Live on March 10th. Derek French, a Technical Producer at BioWare, said on the community forums a week and a half ago that they were still a month or two away from making an announcement on the matter.

Some owners of the 360 version are annoyed that they have to pay five bucks for a DLC that PC users might get for free (to say nothing of the fact that the PC version will be ten bucks cheaper). To put things in perspective though, the 360 users got Mass Effect about six months earlier than PC users did, and will get the DLC two months earlier. Save your jealousy for the day some PC user creates a nudity patch (there's got to be at least one smart-ass programmer out there).

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.