Oh, it's that time of the year where too many good games release in such a short window and all fester around your finger tips and wallet hole, hoping to get both your money and your free time. Well, one of those games pegged to grab a little less loot and a little less playtime than the rest of the competition is Medal of Honor: Warfighter and analysts are saying it could be a major financial disappointment for EA.

According to GameIndustry.biz, as stated in the article by Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz...
Since late July we have been cautious about EA's ability to reach management's FY13 guidance due to our view that Medal of Honor: Warfighter appears likely to be a major disappointment. On July 30 we cut our FY13 EPS estimate to $0.86, well below guidance of $1.05-$1.20, and we currently carry a $0.87 FY13 estimate, close to the Street low. While we believe Street expectations for MoH:W sales have moderated significantly, likely down to the 3-4MM unit range, we are concerned that those expectations may still be too high. Based on our read of pre-release tracking data, we think the game might struggle to sell through 2MM units worldwide,

So based on pre-release tracking data they think the game will struggle, eh? Hmm, smart chap, this Doug fellow.

Ever since seeing the E3 footage I've become highly disenchanted with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game seems to slowly trod between the line of being competently entertaining and a mildly fun cash-in on a waning fad.

But it's not just the pre-release data that has analysts like Creutz worried about Medal of Honor's sales performance, it's the games surrounding the release of EA's FPS title that has them worried, with Creutz saying...
"With only a week before a murderer's row of AAA titles begins to come out (Assassin's Creed III on October 30; Halo 4 on November 6; Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on November 13), we think MoH:W has a very short window to capture sales, and a dearth of reviews is unlikely to help. The decision to make early review copies unavailable does not suggest to us that the company has a high degree of confidence in the quality of the game."

Speaking of reviews...EA hasn't sent out any pre-release review copies the way they usually do for big upcoming releases. This has left a lot of people worried about how well Medal of Honor will do both sales wise and when it comes to critic review scores, who will be forced to play through the game the day it releases and give their impressions post-release.

I'm curious how reviewers will treat the game because a lot of looked really boring and been-there-done-that and given all the modern military shooters these days, I'm wondering if the game will be able to break away from redundancy in this aging console cycle or if it will play host to the perception of being just another Call of Duty clone? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Two years ago EA had mentioned that Medal of Honor couldn't be sustained as a franchise and wouldn't be receiving any sequels if it didn't move more than 3 million SKUs. It just barely beat that estimate two years ago, so now we get to see if there will be a sequel or not if Warfighter can move at least 2 million SKUs. Since it comes included with access to that Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta, maybe it'll help hit that coveted 2 million mark after all?

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