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Metal Gear Solid 5 Recreated In Far Cry 4

Using the Far Cry 4 map editor, one prodigious map maker managed to recreate the prison camp from the prologue game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The map isn't exactly 1:1 in its design ratio, but it does come pretty close to capturing the look and feel of Hideo Kojima's stealth-espionage title.

PC Gamer has a brief write-up on the modified map, where they explain how mapmaker Robert Cram designed a simple objective that's hard to complete.

Basically, players will have to get through the map without setting off any alarms. It sounds like a really easy thing to do but we get to see the actual playthrough of the map and realize that there are a lot of difficult elements to overcome. For instance, unlike in Metal Gear Solid V, the A.I., in Far Cry 4 don't just stand still and wait to be taken down – they move around quite a bit and aren't keen on staying in one place for too long. This creates an added challenge and a bit of an unpredictable nature to the layout and play-style of the map itself.

You can see Cram give a brief walkthrough of the design of the map, comparisons to Ground Zeroes, as well as an actual playthrough of the map in the 14 minute video below. If you're not concerned with the design of the map and some of the cartography differences between Far Cry 4 and Ground Zeroes, you can skip ahead to the 6:00 minute mark to get to the actual gameplay.

As you can see, it's a fairly good representation of the now famous Metal Gear map recreated in Far Cry 4.

The entire objective of the map is to survey and subdue enemies in the area without being spotted. It sounds pretty simple and seems like an easy task, but just getting past the beginning part proves to be very difficult.

We see that the soldiers in Far Cry 4 don't really like playing by the same rules as the Metal Gear Solid crew, and so the challenge is amplified by a fair margin. The big difference, however, is that once the alarm goes off in the Far Cry 4 map the mission ends.

If players can prevent the soldiers from turning on the alarm then there's a chance that the map can be finished successfully. Staying off the radar and avoiding detection is no easy task, though. As you can see in the video above, it requires several retries as even Cram has a hard time going at it.

The map is up and available for download for those of you who want to take a crack at it. Of course, this is also assuming you can still play Far Cry 4 following the DRM issue that happened to be plaguing the digital copies of the game on the Xbox One.

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