Subscribe To Metro 2033 Title Update Preps For Single-Player DLC, Adds Control Scheme Updates
A new title update went live today for the Xbox 360 version of Metro 2033, the post-apocalyptic shooter released on Tuesday. In a post on the game's official Facebook page, the developers explained the purpose of the patch.

"There's a couple of reasons for this [update] - primarily it's to allow the game to accept DLC further down the line – with the game now finished, we have been turning our thoughts to potential DLC," said the dev team. "We’ve got some ideas, but nothing we can talk about right now other than to say it won't be new SP narrative content, 'missing levels' or anything like that - it's something we're only just starting production on."

"And no, it's not multiplayer! That would be very cool, but sadly not possible"

The update also adds Gamma Correction and a "console-friendly" control scheme, selectable through the Options menu. The "Circular" control scheme makes the following changes:
  • L / R on the D-Pad now checks your Watch / Timer
  • Left Bumper Button now applies a Med-Kit
  • Y Button now changes weapon. A single ‘Tap’ alternates between your Knife and your equipped Ranged Weapon. A ‘Press and Hold’ brings up the Weapon select wheel – use the left Stick to equip a different ranged weapon

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