Nearly 13 minutes of real-time gameplay has been released for public viewing. The footage is courtesy of the demo that THQ and 4A Games had on display at this year's E3. It's definitely some great, atmospheric stuff and it's a shame more movies aren't this intense.

If you're a fan of the Metro novels, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or the original Metro: 2033 then you'll definitely dig the latest game.

I'm not going to give anything away, so I'll let you watch it before pointing out the good and the bad. Check it out below.

That was an insane trailer. First, let's talk about the bad: the pre-scripted encounters weren't cool. That kind of ruins a lot of games because you're basically just watching some intense moment play out while exercising little or no actual control. It also throws challenge out the window because you can't lose to a pre-scripted event. A few of the animations seem a little fast for some functions, such as wiping the visor of the gas mask or using secondary mechanics such as the charger or lighter. But that's minor stuff.

The good parts definitely far outweigh the bad, though. The graphics may not be next gen but they look good enough to convey a strong sense of atmosphere. That's a key element to an action-thriller like Metro: Last Light. The game sells itself on atmosphere and 4A didn't just nail it, they perfected it. The weapon mechanics look tight, the monsters are modeled and animated beastly and oh-my-word are the sound effects badarse.

I don't know how replayable Metro: Last Light will be. I've never had any desire to go back and play around in Metro: 2033 so it will definitely be a real challenge for 4A if they want gamers to replay the title and also maintain the game's cinematic presentation values. But at least it looks like the sequel will be a good story-based title regardless.

Metro: 2033 is set for release next year for home consoles and PC. Need to learn more? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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