Today the post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light arrived in stores throughout North America. Deep Silver is celebrating the series' return with a new launch trailer.

Metro: Last Light depicts a bleak future in which humanity is on the brink of extinction. The surface has been rendered toxic thanks to a nuclear war and is now inhabited by dangerous mutants. The few remaining pockets of human survivors live in underground metro tunnels beneath Moscow.

Last Light picks up a year after Metro 2033. Artyom has become a member of the Rangers after stopping the Dark Ones. However, he soon learns that a Dark One has survived. Artyom heads to the surface with sniper Anna to find the creature.

Reviews so far have been mostly positive. The Metacritic score ranges from 80 on Xbox 360 and 83 on PC. That's a hair above what Metro 2033 received from critics. The average might dip a bit as more reviews come in but at least we know the game's not completely off-the-mark.

Me, I'm just happy the game managed to get to stores. The original publisher, THQ, went bankrupt in December. Fortunately Koch Media swooped in to purchase the publishing rights a month later. The game was close enough to completion that the switch in publishers only resulted in a two-month delay.

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