4A Games has sent out the second video of the "Ranger Survival Guide" for Metro: Last Light. This video gives a run-down on the various enemies that players will find in the tunnels below Moscow.

The game is set in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. Moscow and the surrounding countryside is now radioactive so survivors now live in the metro tunnels below the city. The surface is now devoid of life save for massive mutant creatures.

The metro tunnels aren't much safer. Mutant attacks are a regular occurrence. What's more, the remaining humans have divided into factions. Players will have to face bandits, Nazis, Communists and more. Because ammunition is in short supply, they may find it easier to simply sneak past most hostiles though.

Metro: Last Light was supposed to be in stores now but was delayed when publisher THQ went bankrupt. New publisher Deep Silver plans to release the game in May.

4A Games plans to release one more video to complete the "Ranger Survival Guide." Expect it to arrive in the coming weeks.

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