If you thought Microsoft was going to dodge out of TGS 2013, keeping the Xbox One hidden like a prom date ducking out of the dance because of a giant red and purple pimple pulsating on their face, then think again.

Microsoft is taking the balls to the dance hall whether they think people see them as the pantsless dork, the pretentious prick or the wedgied doofus, they're making sure that the Xbox One will make its presence seen and heard no matter what. Microsoft is trucking through the bad press like Sylvester Stallone trucked through that 'roided up, Mcdonalds-eating trucker in Over The Top and they're going to the mountaintop of marketing success whether people want to see them there or not.

In what could be considered a surprising pitch of recognition, Gematsu [via Polygon] is reporting that in addition to the traditionally recognized publishers and exhibitors appearing at this year's Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan, including familiar faces like Konami, Square Enix, Sony and Tecmo Koei, the surprise entrant will be Microsoft's Japanese division. Shocking, eh?

The software and console manufacturing giant will be exhibiting the Xbox One at TGS 2013 despite the Xbox One not launching in Japan this year. According to the Polygon article...
In 2012, Microsoft said it was passing on Gamescom in Cologne, Germany and Tokyo Game Show to focus on "smaller, more localized promotions and experiences for press, partners, retailers and customers around the world." An Xbox rep confirmed to Polygon that Microsoft would have a presence at TGS 2013, but did not provide specifics about the scope of its plans.

Is it possible that they could just show up with a few Xbox Ones and hand out pamphlets or could we see some games on display that shows that Microsoft could be aiming to capture the Asian market with some serious promotion on Asian-themed games, similar to how they had Mistwalker Studios release the beloved Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon JRPGs for the Xbox 360 early in its lifespan?

With the Japanese-centric Crimson Dragon from the original Panzer Dragoon team, Microsoft at least has something geared toward the non-dude-bro, non-football American gaming fanatic. However, will that be enough to help pepper the promotional propaganda of the Xbox One onto the very different and diversified market of Japan? It certainly didn't pan out so well for the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox before it, but maybe third time's the charm, right?

The Tokyo Game Show will also play host to some new areas focusing on indie development and emergent game design. This change comes on the huge upsurge in popularity of indie titles these past few years, especially considering how big a thing that it has become (again). I kind of feel like this upcoming generation of gaming will be for indies what the shareware era was for indies back during the 1990s.

Anyway, I'm just hoping that Nintendo drops more news about some exclusive titles for the Wii U and maybe hint at a fall price cut to stay competitive. Hopefully Microsoft will also toss out more details to make the Xbox One seem more accommodating to core gamers besides media and entertainment features.

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