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Microsoft Disables Comments For Xbox One Videos Following Harsh Criticisms

Want to let Microsoft know how you feel about the Xbox One? You won't be able to do it on the official YouTube videos. If you head to Microsoft's official channel for the Xbox One, the comments for the videos have been aptly disabled.

So what happened? Why the censorship? Well, if you visit the promo videos for the Xbox One on YouTube you'll notice that despite the comments being disabled there are a ton of “Dislikes” for the video as a show of protest. The entire thing has been a rather overwhelming affair for Microsoft, even causing Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb to take time off Twitter from all the anguish.

But getting back to YouTube...before the comments were so quickly disabled, Pixel Enemy managed to take screencaps of some of the posts along with NeoGaf. So what were people saying? The typical “LOL, failbox” and “we don't buy game consoles for TV” and stuff like that. The posted links have plenty of gamer rage to embrace if you're into that sort of third-party sadomasochistic behavior. I prefer embracing the hate right here on our site, and maybe a few of the other sites, just so the hate feels a lot closer to home, you know?

Anyway, for reference purposes, if you visit Nintendo's latest YouTube Direct video on their official channel, comments are still alive and active. Also, feel free to check out the full PS4 announcement video on Sony's official YouTube channel and you'll be able to shower them with praise and affection. Comments are alive and active on the Big 'N' and Sony's channels. Only Microsoft has disabled all comments on their official Xbox One videos.

But in all honesty, I sure hope Microsoft has a serious plan at E3 and don't keep playing dodge-the-question PR game like they've been doing. These are some serious industry changing policies they'd like to implement and skirting about the issues like a sweaty politician who was caught making weekend trips to the local whore house is not the way to handle the situation.

Anyway, the video embedded above allows you to drop onto the page and comment to your heart's content since Microsoft has obviously enabled Censorship 2.0 on their YouTube videos.

When you click on the “Watch on YouTube” button with the video above, you are encouraged but not limited to: Curse out Microsoft's DRM policies, drop 'F' bombs on the Xbox One's region-limited services, dispense some rage on the used game fees just like Angry Joe, complain about Kinect 2.0 listening and watching at all times...heck, you can even get your friends together and throw riotous insults at the whole concept of having to login every 24 hours like a San Quentin parolee.

Oh yeah, and about that backwards compatibility, Wii U says “Hi” while Xbox One says...

(Thanks FFXIVRealm for the image)

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