Xbox One's Poor Reception Blasts Wii U Sales By 220%

Microsoft, selling Wii Us since May 21st, 2013.

On a serious note, this article's headline will be vastly inaccurate eight hours from its publishing date. Prior to putting the headline down, the Wii U's sales had blasted up by 875% on Amazon UK, moving it from the 390th position to the 40th position since the abysmal reveal of the Xbox One on Tuesday. As mentioned, eight hours from now the Wii U might see yet another huge sales blast given the free marketing from Microsoft.

Harvelo spotted the rapid change in the Wii U's sales position, noting the near 400th position before the reveal and the rapid climb up the charts since Microsoft announced their console, giving rise to a lot of consumers who felt that they would rather support the Big 'N' as opposed to giving a dime towards policies and measures that completely strip away your rights as a consumer.

At the time of publishing of this article, the Wii U on Amazon UK's site sits in the top 11, having moved up from the 40th spot with a 220% increase in sales since Harveylo posted their article. This is insane, as it shows that the Wii U may have been down, but just like Rocky in Rocky IV, it certainly isn't out.

At present, Nintendo hasn't been faring well with the sales of the Wii U, with the total install base estimated around 3 million units. Sad times, indeed. The NPD forecast also estimates that 38,000 Wii U SKUs have been moved during the month of April, according to reports from Nintendo Everything. Not good numbers for a new console at all.

With many consumers made aware -- and continually making others aware -- of the anti-consumer measures stated to be employed by Microsoft for the Xbox One, it's not unlikely that Nintendo could see a huge boost in sales throughout May and June, leading up to and through their reveal of new content at this year's E3.

I also kind of wish Nintendo had maintained a big conference at E3, as that could have really put a nail in Microsoft's coffin, not that they haven't already done that with their Kinect spying, the lack of support for indie developers and the realization that you'll need to buy all new peripherals from the ground up for the XB1.

The reason the Wii U has also blasted up so quickly on Amazon UK is because many of the touted, big TV features, apps and streaming services for the Xbox One are not available to many residents outside of the United States of America, meaning that Microsoft completely alienated a vast majority of the world's gaming community.

All the issues actually caused Angry Joe to revolt in a vociferous outcry against these policies, with many gamers joining suit.

Worse yet for Microsoft is that early poll results between the PS4 and XB1 showcase a massive discrepancy between anticipation for Microsoft and Sony's console...a huge discrepancy.

Well, at least it looks like Microsoft's blunder was Nintendo's booty, and the Wii U could see some huge sales boosts in the next couple of months if the Big 'N' plays their cards right and release some noteworthy software to capitalize on the consumer angst directed toward Microsoft.

Congratulations Microsoft, you just sold more Wii Us than Nintendo.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.