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So Michael Bay has always been very vocal about the HD format wars in the past. By “very vocal” I of course mean he took a thirty second stand against the ridiculously bad decision of Paramount saying “Blu-ray, you are dead to me now.” Well, even though he’s stopped questioning that decision, he’s still on a warpath. Yesterday in his official forum he got vocal again. This time it’s against one of your favorite zillion-billion dollar companies. Now he has a problem with Microsoft.

That’s right, in a response to an angry fan from the UK who wanted to watch Transformers on Blu-ray Mr. Bay revealed that Microsoft has this Machiavellian plan to make physical formats crumble at their digital feet.

“Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads.”

He’s even is saying that Microsoft is gifting movie studios $100 million dollars to “embrace the HD DVD and not the leading, and superior Blu Ray.” He theorizes that it is to create confusion on the stupid and helpless consumer so that the nefarious mad scientists at Microsoft have time to perfect their Frankenstein’s monster that is the digital movie download.

So Bay has chosen to not just anger all of the studios that have chosen HD DVD over Blu-ray, but also the so blatantly evil megalomaniacal company Microsoft. You can find the official forum post at Shoot for the Edit.

Next week I’ll review the new Xbox 360 FPS Bayhunter.

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