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Microsoft has recently undergone a major restructuring this week. They overhauled the way they do business, the way they handle business and the way they'll attack business. After breaking the Xbox One division down into multiple parts, the company now feels confident they can win the next-gen console race. received word directly from a Microsoft representative, who stated that...
"This new structure allows us to move faster and provide more value for our customers and partners with Xbox as well as align our resources to win in this devices and services era.

"The existing IEB leadership will now report into the new Microsoft structure and we remain focused on shipping Xbox One and the amazing experiences we have planned for this holiday."

“Win in this devices and services era”? Oh really?

Well, they have a ways to go in playing catch-up on the pre-order front, as across the board we've been reporting a lot of sold-out status for the PlayStation 4 across multiple retailer websites and the device currently leads as the best-selling game console on Amazon in 2013, so far.

Now, to be fair, the Xbox One is still moving quite a bit of product in the pre-order arena, just certainly not in equal magnitude to the PlayStation 4.

Things are definitely heating up, especially now that the new setup for the Xbox One at Microsoft will allow two separate teams to work cohesively on the system: one in the software OS department and one in the device and hardware department. According to Steve Ballmer, this will raise the efficiency at Microsoft and they will also move to better communicate with their customers.

This bit of news also follows on the heels of Microsoft recently proclaiming the Xbox One as an additional business product for video conferencing and corporate networking. I didn't know this next-gen console race was going to be fought across multiple consumer landscapes – I guess it'll be gamers versus businessmen duking it out on forums and aggregators across the interviews, over which console provides the best office environment productivity, eh?

With Julie Larson-Green replacing Don Mattrick and Ballmer going into panic mode, it's hard to see Microsoft in a leadership position until they get all their stuff sorted out and they can figure out exactly who the Xbox One is for.

We might just find out what the system is capable of when the company unveils more units at the Comic-Con next weekend, and then they plan to follow that up with an appearance at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany and following that, a very strong presence at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

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