PS4 Pre-Order Bundles All Sold Out At Amazon

Following on the heels of GameStop, Amazon is now the second major retailer to have their entire PS4 pre-order bundle load completely sold out. There is, however, still the availability of pre-ordering the standard edition but you better act quick before they're all sold out of everything.

Originally it was reported that GameStop was all out of their standard launch editions of the PlayStation 4, and then it became apparent that they were all out of their bundle packs, and now it's become apparent that Amazon is in the same boat. They weren't kidding about consoles selling out about as fast as 2,500 units per minute.

As it stands, the Battlefield and PS Plus launch bundle is all sold out, the Killzone and PS Plus launch bundle is all sold out, the Knack launch bundle is all sold out, the launch edition of the PS4 and the Watchdogs launch bundle is also all sold out.

Essentially, if you want to grab a PS4 with a game, you won't be able to do so given that all the bundle packs are SOA... sold on arrival.

By comparison (and obviously, this has to be done) the Xbox One is still alive and well in the pre-order business. There's a big 'ole page over on GameStop right now showing all the available bundle units for the Xbox One. Just check out all these widely available bundle packs just being primed and ready for purchase. It's like that big juicy VCR offspring is begging for your money juice... come on, you know you want it... you know you want big daddy VCR and Hal 9000's son sitting in your living room like it was 1989. Only bored members of PRISM will be bothered to spy on you, anyway.

Hmm, I'm beginning to think that the global polls really are starting to reflect consumer purchasing habits. Though, to be fair, the "Day One" edition of the Xbox One is currently sold out on the U.S. Amazon marketplace, but all the other bundle packs are there and available, and is reporting that Best Buy is currently out of their "Day One" editions as well... for the Xbox One.

Now, while it's easy to discount an internet vote as “worthless” or “unrepresentative” of the consumer interest, I can't help but think that the PS4's best-selling status really is being affected by the way people view both game consoles right now.

Meanwhile, Microsoft doesn't seem to have fans in too many places, as even their own rabid fanboys are willing to protest them unless they bring back the thing everyone currently hates them for. They really are trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.