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Yeah, the UK branch of Midway has officially been purchased for less than a toothbrush at a local dollar mart for only $0.82 cents. If that’s not embarrassing enough, both the Midway France and Midway UK offices were bought by managing director of Midway in Europe, Martin Spiess, for only $1.40 or approximately £0.86 British Pounds if you want to get technical.

According to an article on Electronic Theatre
“Midway UK and France will now be owned by Spiess Media Holding UG - a German company the SEC report explains was 'formed by Martin Spiess for the purpose of purchasing the shares of [Midway Games UK] and [Midway Games France]'.
The deal states that Midway's European teams now have just 90 days to sell the rest of the Midway branded/developed/published stock they have, and a clause in the agreement says the offices must otherwise drop the Midway name immediately.”

So basically Midway has to dump assets to get out of the clearing. Shouldn’t be much of a problem if they continue to sell off at this rate (especially with such poor prices).

Spiess and Fürstenberg's purchase of the branches really doesn’t clearly indicate what’s to come for the company but being a top-end publisher certainly doesn’t look like a priority for future endeavours. More importantly, this still leaves everyone questioning what’s going to happen to properties like Mortal Kombat now that Warner Bros. bought out the North American Midway assets.

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