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Minecraft 1.8 Gameplay Video Reveals World Customization Options Coming To PC

Minecraft 1.8 will give PC and Mac players a powerful set of tools for customizing their worlds. Mojang previewed these tools with a new gameplay video today.

"There are 16 sliders which can be used to affect various aspects of Minecraft's terrain generator, but you can also type in values directly," Mojang said on YouTube. The values you can modify for the world include the depth and scale of biomes.

Many objects in the world can be turned off and on as well. You can make a world filled with caves, ravines, and mineshafts - or a world completely bereft of them. Structures like dungeons, temples and villages can also be toggled. It's up to you to decide how many lakes or lava lakes there are. The exact sea level can even be modified.

"We've also supplied a set of seven presets that we think players will find interesting, including a world made of water up to the top of the map, and the return of floating islands."

The presets also include Mountain Madness and an arid world simply called "Drought." The most amusing preset, though, is called "Good Luck." It's almost entirely made of lava. It's a bit gimmicky but I'm sure players will find ways to get hours of amusement out of it.

Mojang wants to make it as easy as possible for players to share their custom worlds with each other as well. Once you've finished tweaking the settings, you can copy them directly from the game to your clipboard for later use.

Minecraft 1.8 makes several other sweeping changes to the game. Friendly and hostile mobs have been reworked with new behaviors. For example, creepers now run away from other creepers that are about to blow up. New blocks like Diorite and Granite will be introduced to give players more building options. There's also a new enemy type called Endermite for players to encounter in Survival.

Mojang hasn't announced a release date for 1.8 yet. They've been releasing snapshots of the update left and right, though. It could be here as early as May.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.