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The new update for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 will add a ton of new stuff. The Adventure Update includes the much anticipated Creative Mode as well as the other highly anticipated feature, NPCs. While some of these features are mouth-watering good and eye-crustingly exciting, you'll have to wait a while for these updates to, a few weeks worth of waiting.

4J Studios, the team in charge of managing the conversion port of material and updates for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 have managed the seemingly impossible feat of enabling players to experience updates for the game on Microsoft's console for free. Yes, for free. While other devs have to lay down $40,000 per update, Microsoft must have received some sweet, sweet, oral crotch massages to allow Mojang and 4J to update Minecraft on the 360 for free.

Anyway, the Examiner picked up on a tweet from 4J Studios, where they state...
We're still working on 1.8.2. A few things left to add, more work on the Creative Mode interface, then lots of test. Still weeks away..

Complex is also excited because the update will nearly bring the console version of the game up to par to the PC version, enabling gamers to build fortresses, strongholds, villages and more. I don't know if the 360 will be able to handle stuff like what's featured in the video below but after the update you'll be able to put it to the test.

Minecraft has proven to be a huge success on the Xbox 360, selling more than 3 million copies and managing to keep itself relevant in the turbulent times of the retail market's current slump.

Even though the update is still a few weeks away, you can spend some time renovating your neighborhood using the new Block by Block program or you can start gathering resources so that once the update drops you'll be able to build Minas Tirith like a professional mofo.

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