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Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft, is stepping down as lead developer of the sandbox building game. Fellow Mojang employee Jens Bergenstein now has final say on the game's design decisions.

"We’ve been working together on Minecraft for a year now, and I’m amazed at how much in synch we two are when it comes to how to design the game," said Persson of the game's new lead developer. "And when we don’t agree, we discuss it and something much better comes out at a result. He’s truly a great person to work with, and I feel very confident handing over the leadership of Minecraft to him."

Don't fret - Persson's not leaving Mojang or anything like that. He'll continue contributing to Minecraft as well. He's just refocusing his attention.

"Personally, I will now rest for a while, then get back to work refreshed and eager. I’ll be helping out with Minecraft, of course, but also starting work on some new project."

It seems like as good of a time as any for Notch to hand off the reins to someone else. Minecraft went gold in November. An Xbox 360 version is in development but has been outsourced to 4J Studios.

Mojang's next major game is called Scrolls. Little is known about it so far. It's said to be inspired by collectible card games and board games, though.