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One of the most ridiculous things is about to happen in Turkey if the court sides with the culture ministry: Minecraft will be banned. The country is currently deliberating over the issue after moral outrage-crusaders brought the game to the attention of the ministry a few months ago.

Kotaku is reporting that the social and family policies ministry in Turkey are moving forward with their probe to investigate if Minecraft is violent, misogynistic and unsafe for kids. This occurred after reports came in that the game promoted violence against women and helped teach kids how to be violent in real life.

According to the Kotaku article...
“The ministry's report has been sent to the legal affairs department, along with instructions for the legal process for the ban to begin. Ultimately, whether the game is banned or not will be decided in the Turkish courts.”

Things originally seemed like they were going to crop up and die down back when it first became news in February. The complaints that the game was harmful to kids seemed too absurd to be true, and most people probably assumed that the complaints about Minecraft showing influential violence against women and influencing aggression in kids would fade away given that most people see the game as a family-friendly building-block game that any and everyone can enjoy. Although, the complaints didn't die down and they didn't fade away.

In a report by Newsweek it was revealed that Minecraft would be investigated by the Turkish government. The claims about Mojang's title were not dismissed and it appears as if the recent move by the cultural ministry is to go forward with attempting to get the game banned.

The report, captured by Hürriyet Daily News, stated that...
"Although the game can be seen as encouraging creativity in children by letting them build houses, farmlands and bridges, mobs [hostile creatures] must be killed in order to protect these structures. In short, the game is based on violence,"

It's kind of strange given that you can also battle things in Lego games as well. I wonder if they also considered banning Pokemon because that game contains a measure of violence, too?

The report notes that playing the game online could also encourage internet bullying. The strange thing about it is that any online community – whether it be a chat room, a social media service or a video game – could potentially invite or cause internet bullying. It sort of comes with the territory of interacting with other human beings. I would also hate to see what the Turkish ministry of social culture would say about Call of Duty. I mean, most people would consider that game to be a den of trolls.

At this point in the game the future of Minecraft in the region of Turkey will be left in the hands of the courts. If the game gets banned then it's definitely going to set a precedent that could have a ripple effect on the industry if small vocal groups can get a game banned by twisting around the intent of the game and the content available in it.
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